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Willy Garcia

Willy Garica is a international professional baseball player with over 14 years of experience as an outfielder and power hitter.

Willy has played professionally in the United States with the Chicago WhiteSox  and

 Pittsburg Pirates.

 Internationally he has made a name for himself in various countries including  Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. He has played with El Tren del Norte in Nicaragua's pro league, the

Winnipeg Goldeneyes in Canada,  and the

Venados of Mazatlan, Mexico. Most recently he represented Panama in the Serie del Caribe 2021.

Currently, Willy is signed with the

Schaumburg Boomers in the

Frontier independent league.

With his experience in various professional leagues across different countries and climates Willy knows exactly what skills you need to dominate the game and the gear you need to preform at high levels in any stadium around the world